Be Safe! Electrical Hazard Can Ruin Your Holidays

With Christmas only a few weeks away and people being caught in the holiday fervor, it’s important to remember tips and tricks that can make your holiday season fun, exciting and safe. Holiday season involves decorating your homes with beautiful ornaments, shinny lights and bulbs. Mostly, people sometimes forget the dangers that these electric decorations can possibly cause. Here are … Continua a leggere

Faceted Glass Beads – Charming and Attractive

Jewellery made of faceted Glass beads is fascinating and attractive. You can make glass bead jewellery using your imagination and combination with the wide and varied range of beads available. Faceted glass beads are beads which have been cut in a special way so as to get the desired cut and style. Moreover on wearing the bead jewellery, they are … Continua a leggere

Dazzle With Finest Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Women all over the globe are very much concerned regarding looking gorgeous. They have a strong desire to look outstandingly attractive by wearing charming trinkets all over. The shine and dazzle of the wholesale fashion jewelry is highly glorious that nobody can ignore them. One fact related with them is that ladies spend a lot on these chunks. This is … Continua a leggere

Handmade Jewelry Descriptions

A problem which many of us have is finding words to describe our handmade jewelry. Designing a product is inspirational. Assembling the product is dependent on our craft skills. But writing detailed handmade jewelry descriptions has its challenges. “Become the center of attention with this beautiful red beaded bracelet.” This sentence does not truly describe the bracelet nor will it … Continua a leggere

Determining Size of Handmade Custom Bracelet

To best determine what size of a custom handmade bracelet to order, first measure your wrist using a string or flexible measuring tape. Just below your wrist bone towards your hand is where to measure for your actual wrist size. Next, it is usually a good idea to add approximately 1 inch to your wrist measurement to best determine what … Continua a leggere