Christmas Decoration Ideas – To Make Christmas Unforgettable

Christmas is the only festival that is celebrated in all over the world by different religions with their own styles and cultures. It falls on December 25 every year and prompts us to enjoy ourselves by decorating our living space and engaged with several fun activities. However, the idea of decorating the home on the eve of Christmas is something … Continua a leggere

Christmas Crafts – Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament Crafts For All Ages

Wooden Christmas tree ornaments have been around for perhaps hundreds of years, and if done well (or at least done with love) then can be passed down from generation to generation. Wooden ornaments can be constructed by both adults and children, and can range from simple pieces being made using Popsicle sticks, to more detailed ornaments using precut shapes. Decorating … Continua a leggere

Kids Christmas Crafts: Easy and Cheap Craft Ideas Your Kids Will Enjoy

Christmas is surely the most awaited time of the year for kids and kids at heart alike – it’s like celebrating your birthday all over again! One way to prepare the children for this very special event is to make cheap and easy kids Christmas craft that will keep them excited while waiting for Christmas day to come. There are … Continua a leggere

The Process Of Handcrafted Jewelry Design, From The Artist’s Perspective

As a jewelry artist, I appreciate the countless variations of stones available to incorporate into a unique handcrafted necklace, bracelet or earrings. Regardless of the critiques or comments shared by my audience, the joy and superb excitement of creating something from a pile of stones and wire, is stimulating. As much as I would love others to appreciate and purchase … Continua a leggere

What to Look for When Buying Initial Necklaces

There are always fads in necklaces, and it seems that the hottest tickets in neckwear change from year to year. One of the most popular trends right now is initial necklaces. They are everywhere this season, and they’re perfect for any special woman in your life. These necklaces make for great gifts, whether it for a birthday, graduation, an anniversary, … Continua a leggere

Choose Perfect Unique Beaded Jewelry For Every Occasion

Are you worried that you won’t choose the right piece of unique beaded jewelry with your new outfit? You are not alone. Men often don’t understand how important it is to women to have their outfits looking just right. How many women have you seen who have committed a fashion crime by wearing the wrong accessories with the wrong outfit. … Continua a leggere

Designer Handmade Jewelry – High Quality Longer Lasting Jewelry

Making your own jewelry is a fun, satisfying hobby. If you’re serious about it, and get good at it, you can even sell your wares at shows and boutiques. But what are the items you need to start such a venture? It’s actually easier than you might think. Michaels, JoAnne’s, Hobby Lobby, any fairly large craft store will have the … Continua a leggere